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Nature. Whiskey. Cigars. Photography. Humor. Just a collection of shit I like, without having to explain it.

Venice Duck Brewery, Dogtown Duck IPA. 6.8 % ABV. 

Completely random, and satisfying, find. Duck Brewery wasn’t even on my radar until this bottle. 

It has the normal citrus-y flavors you expect from an IPA, but it’s unusually dry. That’s not a bad thing, I’m just not used to it. Actually, I really can’t explain it? It kind of reminder me of a Rye IPA. Not as hoppy as I like them, but still a great offering. 

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It’s all in the name. BAM!

Mercury Brewing, Brash Cold Ass Honky, Dry Hopped Saison Ale. 8.5 % ABV

So this was my first saison. It was pretty much what I expected. Unfortunately, not my type. Too fruity on the back end. <—— Ha! That sentence ☺

It won’t stop me from trying another saison, this one just didn’t appeal to me. I did like the hoppiness. A nice bite.

#craftbeer #craftoninstagram #beerporn #mercurybrewing #brash #coldasshonky #themdukes

Dog days.

Camping unter We Heart It.

At some point I stopped loathing and started loving January Jones, and I’m pretty okay with that.

Bad girl

C’est La Mort by Marley C. Cumbee on Flickr.